VERY DVRC: 200m Public Space on Des Veoux Road Central Opens on 25th September 2016

VERY DVRC: 200m Public Space on Des Veoux Road Central Opens on 25th September 2016

Hong Kong, 14 September 2016-Co-organised by WALK DVRC, CLEAN AIR NETWORK, HONG KONG PUBLIC SPACE INITIATIVE and curated by VERY HONG KONG, the 200 metres long VERY DVRC’s one-day public space will take place at Des Veoux Road Central (from Man Wa Lane To Morris St. Sheung Wan), on 25 September 2016 (Sunday) 10am to 4pm. The space is approved under “Temporary Traffic Arrangement” by Transport Department. A wide variety of non-commercial activities will be organized by 47 participating parties for the general public. It spans across arts, sports, culture, environment and urban lifestyle – all the intrinsic elements of a sustainable city.


In 2015, Walk DVRC, in alliance with communities, professionals and academics, established our vision of transforming the busy and heavily polluted Central area of Des Voeux Road Central into a cleaner and more desirable public space. VERY DVRC addresses to these issues by creatively transforming the current traffic thoroughfare into an innovative urban artery for Hong Kong that opens possibilities for a new kind of catalytic public space, even just for one day. VERY DVRC called for creative event proposals from general public in August and 47 collaborators have been confirmed. 

The events cover from street sports, up-cycling street furniture, swap party and children reading etc.The activity area of Very DVRC was reduced from 1.4km (from Pedder Street to Morrison Street) to 200m (from Man Wa Lane to Morrison Street) because Hong Kong Police Force is concerned about risks to public safety due to the short distance between trams and pedestrians. Very DVRC, however, hopes to resolve this, so that both trams and pedestrians can share the road. We therefore will continue to negotiate with different official departments and Hong Kong Tramways about the arrangements for ensuring public safety.


1.    Hapi School: Founded by a group of parents, Hapi School is a popular reading club group dedicated to promoting reading as a way to educate children about nature, humanity and community.

2.    JupYeah: Having organised countless public swap parties, JupYeah will be present to advocate the ‘Consume less. Share better’ ethos by offering a self-service space for general public to share useful goods with everyone in the community.

3.    Magic Carpet: An outreach programming combining documentation of daily life, community engagement and urban design, Magic Carpet transforms a public space into an outdoor cinema, re-envisioning the possibilities of community space.

4.    Eco-Riders: Dedicated to promoting cycling as a means of transport, Eco-Riders plans to organize cycling tours that lead cyclers to enjoy a smooth ride from Des Voeux Road Central to Sai Wan.

5.    City Absurdities Work: ‘+ Furniture’ by CAW is a speculative exercise on actualising the possibilities for Hong Kong dwellers to ‘hack’ onto existing infrastructure to innovate new forms of urban scenarios such as dining along the fences.

6.    Send the Left Food: How would you re-plot of your city if given a chance? Send the Left Food designs modular blocks for you to stretch your creative muscle and create your own pop-up infrastructure.

7.    Social Deck: Des Voeux Road Central was once the coastline of Hong Kong, hence the concept of ‘Social Deck’, which aims to bring water back to urban city life and a catalyst for social gathering to occur.

8.    CACHe: Streets used to be the collective space for everyday life. At the mobile classroom created by the Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage, the general public are welcome to join free workshops and learn about Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage.

9.    Beyond Bollywood: The NGO founded in 2015 will engage general public in Bollywood dance performance and interactive activities to facilitate cultural exchanges, connecting people with different origins within our city.

10. People’s Pitch: The ardent football players explore public space and community development by hosting football matches – a perfect way to gather people within the neighbourhood and beyond!

11. Gallery Around the Corner: A community gallery formed by many shops, Gallery Around the Corner is dedicated to exhibiting art pieces by children and ‘artiststo-be’ in public space and bringing art to Hong Kong’s everyday life.

12. Kalacove ‘Past, Praya, Future’: ‘Praya’, meaning next to the sea, refers to the promenade DVRC used to be. Kalacove aims to create a mosaic collage pieced together by the community to see our home city and its history from another perspective.

13. Hug 21: Hug is more than an expression of affection; it releases ‘Oxytocin’, a mediator of antistress, well-being and social interaction. Hug 21 invites pedestrians to hug with their friends, partners and strangers for 21 seconds for a collective documentation.

14. Hong Kong Collectors’ Society: Mr. Lau Kwok Wai from HKCS is an ardent historian and Executive Director of CACHe. He will be present to introduce the history of Hong Kong’s tramways – the historic trail that connects different areas of Hong Kong Island.

(From left) Mr. Benson Poon, Senior Town Planner of planning and development consultancy Masterplan; Mr. Patrick Fung, CEO of Clean Air Network; Mr. Billy Kwan, Curator of Very Hong Kong; Mr. Jeffrey Wong, General Secretary of Hong Kong Public Space Initiative